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Invest in Mayotte

Why Mayotte

With one of the largest and most beautiful lagoons in the world, Mayotte enjoys a tropical climate with a temperature that varies between 25 and 32 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Due to its French and European connections, Mayotte offers guarantees of legal certainty and political stability that are rare in the Region. Moreover, economic growth being in full swing, +7% per year on average over the last 10 years, the Archipelago presents very relevant private investment opportunities.


Mayotte promotes on high-end eco-tourism that enhances its lagoon.


The construction sector is essential to the realization of Mayotte's investment program planned for the next few years.


Mayotte aims to become a sanitary rear base for gas projects in the Mozambique Channel

Circular economy

Improving waste management and developing the circular economy appear to be major challenges for Mayotte.

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Sector opportunities

An island with a bright future,especially in a large numbers of areas which show huge potential and constant growth. 
Investing in the territory is a way for everyone, depending on the sector, to draw on the advantages specific to this island in the region everywhere. 

Mayotte in a few figures
Number of tourists in 2019
Number of births in 2019
Amount of planned construction investments
Rate of waste that can be recovered

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