Mayotte, a connected territory

Since 2012, broadband connections (ADSL) have been developing, thanks to the installation of the Lion 2 submarine cable.
Initially intended for the north of the island, the south gradually gained access thanks to the installation of around ten NRAs1 Near 99% of the island has mobile and 3G coverage. Since 2016 and the promotion of Very High Speed (THD) access, fiber optic connections and 4G have been developing.

A dynamic telecommunications market. ADSL, SDSL, Fiber, HF2, 3G, 4G, Sig Fox, etc.

1 NRA: Subscriber connection node
2 FH: Ertzian beam (Wifi / WiMax)

Mayotte: The French touch of the Mozambique Channel

  • 101st French Department
  • 5th DOM
  • Outermost Region
  • A base of economic and political stability

A future lever for regional growth

Digital at the service
territorial issues

  • Urban development
  • Training
  • Health
  • Public services
  • Competitiveness/Employment
  • Regulation/Standard


  • Business digitalization
  • Digital inclusion
  • IT security
  • Technological innovation / New uses 
  • Training in digital professions

Opportunity: Smart City

Mayotte a territory that is changing: Urbanization, School construction, Sanitation...

A favorable context for developing innovative and intelligent solutions. 

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