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concerning growing sectors in Mayotte

Improving waste management and developing the circular economy appear to be major challenges for Mayotte.

Many sectors are still to be set up or improved: construction waste, tires and batteries, D3E, packaging, etc.

The success of the collection, sorting and recovery sectors will largely depend on the ability of the actors to innovate by taking into account the local specificities of Mayotte. The circular economy must become a showcase for Mayotte and embody our ability to be original and efficient.

Some figures

  • 55,360 tonnes of household waste buried at the ISDND in Dzoumogné
  • That is 150 kg/capita. against 260 kg/inhab. in mainland France and 275 kg/inhab. in the meeting
  • 94 % of buried waste could be recovered
  • including 30 % of compostable waste, 24 % of recyclable waste
  • 3,000 tons of recyclable waste exported outside the territory after sorting. 250 tonnes of hazardous waste are exported to metropolitan France

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