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concerning growing sectors in Mayotte

The geographical location of Mayotte makes it a strategic location for investment. Very attractive, the island has several sectors in which the economy continues to grow. We highlight the strengths of each area in order to best support you in your investment process.


Mayotte relies on top-of-the-range eco-tourism that enhances its lagoon (boating, diving), as well as its exceptional agricultural (aromatic and perfume plants) and environmental heritage.

The very strong dynamic of short and long-term business tourism also gives rise to a need for hotel residences adapted to this clientele.


There is a very strong desire on the part of local actors to change this situation and to facilitate the installation of health professionals in Mayotte, as well as the deployment of telemedicine.

A new demand is also emerging on health: to make Mayotte a health rear base for gas projects in the Mozambique Channel. Indeed, the platforms planned off Mozambique are only a few km from Mayotte. The scenario of medical evacuations being taken over by Mayotte is currently being studied. It appeals to many players in current gas projects.


The construction sector is essential to the realization of Mayotte's investment program planned for the next few years. Public funds (State, Europe, communities) are available and they are earmarked for projects eagerly awaited by the population (schools, water management infrastructure, long runway at the airport, sports equipment, etc.).

In view of the challenges, the rise of the construction sector will be the subject of strong support, in particular in favor of permanent establishments in Mayotte of know-how, skills and tools and equipment.

Circular economy

Improving waste management and developing the circular economy appear to be major challenges for Mayotte.

Many sectors are still to be set up or improved: construction waste, tires and batteries, D3E, packaging, etc.

The success of the collection, sorting and recovery sectors will largely depend on the ability of the actors to innovate by taking into account the local specificities of Mayotte. The circular economy must become a showcase for Mayotte and embody our ability to be original and efficient.