Mayotte Development and Innovation Agency

The Mayotte Development and Innovation Agency, ADIM, was created in July 2016, in the form of a GIP, Public Interest Group, it is GIP-ADIM, and began its activity effective January 2017.

An asset for economic development

The role of the ADIM consists within the framework of the implementation of the strategic orientations of the economic development of the department of Mayotte to pilot certain actions which relate to the innovation, the internationalization of the companies and especially the attractiveness of the territory.
Our role : • To promote Mayotte internationally and attract potential investors within the territory. • To encourage local company to innovate

ADIM Departments

Solid partners for quality support

The ADIM with its partners such as Business France, the CEOI, animates the Team France Export, and the Team France Invest.
The Agency combines its Export-Invest missions in the work with Innovative Start-Ups with countries such as Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Maghreb, Mauritius, Madagascar and the National.

In particular, with the Paris offices, the directors of North, Central and South Africa, we carried out prospecting work on health, circular economy, Hospitality and EdTech in order to detect innovative companies in its territories, and also the opportunities available to innovative Mahoran companies.

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